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Earlier today, The Good Car Guy sated your appetite for more knowledge of future Chrysler products with a look at the dimensions of the Fiat Panda 4×4; a vehicle that could become the Jeep Phoenix. Now it’s time to see said vehicle in action. Pitted against one of the loveliest automobiles on the planet, Land Rover’s Range Rover, the tidy Panda proved its mettle in an off-road comparo.

How many North Americans take their off-roaders off-roading? Few, hardly any, barely a handful. However, as a disingenuous Jeep, the Fiat must make up for its heritage with credibility. Check out this Fifth Gear clip to see how the Panda 4×4 makes out in a muddy quarry. For more extreme off-road footage of the Panda 4×4 and the Range Rover, have a look at the second clip. You may be unable to understand the spoken words.
  1. Size will be the determining factor. We know the Panda will be cheap as a Jeep. We also know there are enough people in the market for a car of this price who don't look back on Fiat as a struggling brand of the 70s. But it'll shock people to see how small it is when it finally comes here. If it makes it across the Atlantic.

  2. I was very sceptical about FIAT Panda before I drove it myself. It really looks small outside, but when you set inside you will be surprised how much space is there despite it's 3.5 m overall length.
    Due to the car low weight even the smallest engine gives enough power for the fasy start and 130 km/h speed on a road isn't a problem at all. It is exceptionally economical, very easy to maneure with perfect outside visibility/ And, what I found very useful – you can recline the fron seats and the sleaping place i sready!.
    I would buy it right now if I had chance!

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