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VOLVO RECALLS C30, C70, S40 & V50

Problems with the power steering return line hose on four of Volvo’s smallest cars that are foundationally the same has resulted in a NHTSA recall of 1,020 C30s, C70s, S40s, and V50s. 

To learn more about the C30 hatchback, check out the C30 Configured label. The Good Car Guy noted the C70 as one of the first hard-top convertibles to look good. The S40 has been in the care of The Good Car Guy a number of times for extensive periods. These are not the sportiest cars in their respective classes, but, they are welcoming; comfortable cars that are a pleasure to own. Nevertheless, a Recall is a Recall.
Apparently, some of these hoses weren’t properly cured, or, “vulcanized”. NHTSA says, “this can result in a rapid rapid drainage of the power steering fluid in the system and a complete loss of power assistance, increasing the risk of a crash.” Dealers will be replacing the hose. If you think your car is involved, contact your dealer or Volvo at 1-800-458-1552.