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RECALL TRIO – Mercedes, Toyota, Land Rover

Over 57,000 Mercedes-Benz SUVs (GL-class and ML-class) may suffer from poor trailer hitch design. Weld seams that connect the flex-n-gate hitch receiver to the attachment bar don’t meet the specification standars. You do the math: tow a trailer with poor welds in the hitch? A separation may occur. NHTSA insists that nobody with hitches/vehicles involved (2006-2008) do any towing until their Benz’s are repaired.

NHTSA says an expected 37,142 Land Rover LR3s and Range Rover Sports have airbag circuitry issues because of motion behind the steering wheel hub. These 2005 & 2006 Land Rovers need a 1mm spacer placed, says NHTSA, “between the lower left hand side of the column switch mounting point and the column lock to improve the alignment of the column switch. Two foam pads will also be fitted to the top of the steering column switch gear to provide assured clearance between the cowl and the clockspring face.” Whatever: it needs to be fixed or you’ll be ignoring an SRS warning light and driving a vehicle that’s not quite as safe in case of an accident as it could (and should) be.

196,222 Toyota minivans may suffer from premature wear of the rear liftgates struts that could, as you’d assume, eventually lead to an inability of those struts to support the liftgate. In case you haven’t figured it out, the liftgate would fall on your head; or worse, the head of your child. This only affects Toyota’s Sienna when it’s equipped with the power liftgate from 2004-2006 model years. The initial drop would be 10 inches, followed by an immediate closure under the power system. If you’re noticing that the power rear hatch of your Sienna is moving slower than before, take it as a sign. That likely means its gas struts aren’t far from performing the drop. Apparently, Toyota is not legally obliged to cover the costs of this safety improvement campaign, but will do so anyway. Recognition deserved.