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Equal amounts of intrigue, suspicion, and excitement led up to the unveiling of Porsche’s first sport-utility vehicle. The Cayenne was and continues to be an all-around disappointment to many Porsche enthusiasts who believe that an SUV goes against every Porsche principle. However, the Cayenne’s huge sales volumes help pay for the development of countless 911 derivatives. (It’d help if it wasn’t so ugly.)

Now it’s the time for a four-door sedan from Porsche. The website is up and its profile is known. Check out the microsite here. On that site, Porsche tries very hard to liken the Panamera to all other Porsches – with history; core beliefs; and its conceptual beginnings.
Nobody expects reactions as thickly laden with suspicion and then disappointment when the Panamera is fully revealed. But in that lofty arena where Porsche hopes to play, the Mercedes-Benz CLS, Bentley Continental Flying Spur, and Aston Martin Rapide aim to succeed as well. Those cars have good looks on their side. Will the Panamera? Many have their doubts. Addicted to sticking 911 elements on vehicles where it doesn’t belong, Porsche fails to address the styling needs of those individual cars (Cayenne and perhaps the Panamera). 911 Carrera design looks good on the 911; and no place else.
That didn’t hurt the Cayenne though, did it?