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Porsche says that they’re proud to present new photos of their first four-door sedan, the Panamera. I believe they’re not telling us the truth. In all likelihood, the Panamera rank as the most capable sedan on the planet. It’ll also rank as one of the ugliest. Although it’ll sound better than just about any other four-door. But it’ll still be ugly.

Porsche must be absolutely embarrassed to release photos of their first four-door sedan, a car they attempted to give a 911 flavour. The 911 is a rear-engined two-door sports car. The Panamera is a four-door front-engined sedan, no matter what Porsche tries to label it as. The design themes aren’t going to carry forward well. Anyway, The Good Car Guy has already spent one post blasting Porsche for the look of the new Panamera. The purpose of this post is to show you the Panamera in motion. Watch it below.