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8,012 of Pontiac’s first G6 sedans have been issued a Recall notice. It may well be that some of these Pontiac G6s were given away on Oprah Winfrey’s show in late ’04. The ’05 and ’06 model year cars may suffer from a number of related maladies. 

Brake lamps may not illuminate. There could also be corrosion inside the brake lamp assembly. Sometimes the brake lamps will light up when the ought not to. Also, cruise control may not engage and immense brake force may be required to shift the G6 out of park and into drive or reverse. 
Dealers will be taking care of the problem with an application of “dielectric lubricant to the connector to prevent corrosion.” If you’re not sure whether your G6 is an affected car, call 1-800-620-7668 and ask General Motors.