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Nissan and Datsun’s Z cars have proven popular over the course of four decades. The 240Z of 1969, the 260Z of 1974, the 280Z of 1975, the 280ZX of 1979, the 300ZXs of 1984 and 1990, and finally the 350Z of 2002 were all well-received. Some did not go on to incredible sales success in the way the most recent Z car has; but all will be fondly remembered.

With the 350Z exiting to a round of applause, the 370Z debuts with a fair degree of pressure. Enthusiasts want a renewed look, but its Z-esqueness must remain strong. Genuine sports car ability can’t be sacrificed with the hopes of enlarging the probability of market capitalization. 
Here in pictures you saw the successful redesign. Not knowing the exact strength of the engine (probably 330+ horsepower) or the weight of the car (possibly lower) or the new MSRP (nearly identical), we’re only able to judge its looks. The Nissan 370Z appears better from almost every angle. 
More dramatic headlights and taillights scream new. Emphasizing the body around the rear wheels speaks of power and its rear-wheel drive nature. Tinkering with the shoulderline – right where the window line meets the roofline – may not be to everyone’s taste but is, at least, unique. Nissan’s constant worry over the grille of the previous edition resulted in a good look: the new 370Z looks strong in that department, too. 
For comparison, check out the gallery of this ’07 Nismo-tuned 350Z below.