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Are you seeing a Fiat 500? Neither do I. 

Ford and Fiat have an agreement on small cars. In other words, if you’re not already reading between the lines, underneath this oh-so-European-Ford skin sits the Fiat 500. Sort of. Ford and Fiat likely won’t say it in so many  – or so few words. 

Originally, the Ford Ka was a 90s-era success story for Ford of Europe. Fuel was already expensive. Cars were always more expensive. Taxes on such transportation devices were exbortitant. The story hasn’t changed; it’s only become more serious.
But the Ka wasn’t just a 4-wheeled toaster for moving humans. It looked good, drove well, and Ford aided the cause by spitting out special editions about as frequently as baseball managers spit out tobacco. Then there was the Sport Ka and Street Ka convertible. 

As you may’ve guessed, Ford’s most challenging competitor for the new Ka will be the resurgent Fiat’s 500. Price advantages at likely every level is Ford’s probable edge.History is on Fiat’s side. Style may be, as well. We shall wait and see. More angles will surely appear soon.