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Is the Land Rover LRX (previously seen here) the future of sport-utility vehicles?  If emission restrictions and fuel economy standards continue to grow tougher and tougher; if the societal conscience continues to garner more members of society against the sport-ute; and if – at some point – sales begin to trend more strongly away from SUVs and crossovers, will all former SUV buyers flock to station wagons and small MPVs?

I believe not.  Sport-utility vehicles are perfect candidates for a weight loss competition.  There’s no use betting against the use of engine technology in sport-utes.  So, why can’t the future of SUVs be seen in the same fashion as the future of cars?  
Smaller.  Lighter.  More efficient.  
Land Rover, an SUV-only brand, builds highly desirable vehicles.  It appears as though luxury SUV buyers care not one whit about fuel prices or lowering emissions, at least judging by Land Rover’s sales. Nevertheless, forethought never hurts.  And with forethought, Land Rover came up with the LRX.  Read about it here. Watch it below.