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Given the topic explored in the most recent posting, it is ironic that today we discover that Toyota will debut a far more sportatious Yaris. In Europe.

Yesterday I wrote about five awesome cars that are not available on this continent. The Toyota Yaris has been available in North America since the beginning of this millenium (as the Echo) in sedan, two-door, and hatchback configurations. The Yaris is becoming a fair bit cooler than the Echo could ever have dreamed of being.

We must, nevertheless, be content with 106 horsepower and a somewhat soft suspension while across the pond you would have the option to buy a Yaris fully eqipped with a spoiler, side skirts, sports exhaust, LED taillights, deep bumpers and bigger wheels.

And, oh yeah, about 24% more power. Wouldn’t you think that as the Yaris increases in popularity over here that displaying a cool Yaris would be a good idea?