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What Is GoodCarBadCar Up To? Facebook, Newsletter, News, Alex On Autos, YouTube

GCBC newsletter screenshot

Once a month, GCBC sends out a newsletter with all sorts of different information regarding the last month of auto sales, new trends, and the reviews we’ve recently written and the reviews that are about to be written.

This link will take you to the online edition of that newsletter and allow you to see prior editions, as well. There’s a Subscribe button at the top left of that page. If you like what you see, sign up and wait for next month’s edition to arrive. With bated breath.

What else are we up to? You’ve probably noticed that we now offer an auto news recap during the work week. These news reports, compiled by Steffani Cain, have been quite a hit with readers. Each report features a look at a key industry story, a link to a great review, a video worth watching, information on my latest The Truth About Cars and/or Autofocus story, recall updates, and any other information you need to know. Check it out every morning.

We’ve also started hosting the most thorough reviews on YouTube from Alex Dykes’ Alex On Autos channel. Alex and I both write for TTAC but offer very different approaches to a car review. The most recent AOA review we posted involved the 2015 Lexus IS, but you can watch this tag to see all the most recent videos from Alex that we publish.

GCBC now has a YouTube channel of our own. It’ll be a while before we produce proper video reviews of our own, so for now we’re aiming to offer you behind-the-scenes looks at particular elements of the test cars that visit us each week.

Finally, GoodCarBadCar is on Facebook. So get on over there and press Like. We hope to keep our Facebook audience as updated as our Twitter feed, but hopefully with some different stuff for those who follow GoodCarBadCar in both venues. Don’t forget to share.