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GoodCarBadCar Launches New Sales Data Search Function

It’s ready. Off to the right side of this page and every other page on GoodCarBadCar is a dropdown menu which requires a quick selection of a manufacturer and model. You’ll be served with a results page which displays up to 64 (and growing) sales figures for any specific model. Check out the official release below and start searching for sales info. Now.


Today, GoodCarBadCar launches a new feature which will enable you to select any current vehicle and instantly retrieve U.S. and Canadian sales data; monthly and yearly. Positioned in the upper right of every page is a dropdown menu. Once the manufacturer is selected readers will be prompted to select a specific model. Just press Go, and you will see yearly totals going back as far as 2002 and monthly volume from January 2010 (and going forward), with updated numbers being added each month. Each results page lists American and Canadian sales figures in easy to read tables. 

None of this takes away from anything else GoodCarBadCar provides every month: best seller lists, segment-by-segment breakdowns, random analysis of sales performances of specific vehicles, United Kingdom sales info, and car reviews

GoodCarBadCar is starting off with specific models, but in a short while you’ll also be able to select the manufacturers as individual entities, selections which will display monthly and yearly sales totals. Until then, you can still see the monthly sales volume for every automaker competing in North America in the U.S. Auto Sales By Brand section and the Canada Auto Sales By Brand section of GoodCarBadCar.

With way more auto sales addicts out there than we ever expected, it seems certain that this new, simple way of readily finding specific auto sales data for individual models will deliver more satisfied readers, journalists, analysts, and industry insiders. It may not be particularly healthy to stare at a computer screen for hours, but there are hundreds of models crying out for attention, so turn down the monitor’s brightness and start scanning for curious numbers. 

Did you know Subaru sold 18,614 Tribecas in America in 2006? Or that Chevrolet Canada’s best Suburban sales month of the last two years was in May 2010 when 414 Suburbans were sold, more than twice as many as any other month during that timespan? Or that Land Rover finally started selling the Evoque in North America, and Canadians acquired 108 Evoques in October, making the Evoque more popular than the LR2, LR4, and Range Rover combined? Of course you were unaware, and there’s no time like the present to start finding more numbers that will impress your friends, put your spouse to sleep, bore your coworkers, excite fanboys, and seduce likeminded auto sales addicts.

GoodCarBadCar was founded in March 2007 by Timothy Cain – @tgcg on Twitter. GoodCarBadCar’s audience more than doubled in 2008. In 2009, traffic to GoodCarBadCar grew by 50% from 2008’s levels. Coverage became mostly sales-based in 2010, however, and traffic to GoodCarBadCar more than quadrupled from 2009 to 2010. Growth in 2011 hasn’t been suspended – GoodCarBadCar’s audience of auto sales data-loving readers has tripled this year.