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GoodCarBadCar’s been live since March of this year. During that time, one post instantly – and constantly – maintained a reign as the most popular piece by The Good Car Guy. The title?

Same Old Same Old But Better Than Ever

The subject? Honda’s venerable Civic. It’s a test drive article; something called Driven here at GCBC. But, I noticed something interesting recently. So entwined is North America, and the United States of America more specifically, with pickup trucks, that when a truck is in trouble, people take notice.

That’s exactly what people did here on GCBC when the Ford F-series came under recall. So many people took notice, in fact, that in less than two weeks of existence, the F-series post knocked the Civic off its perch.

Curious what else made the podium, ye are. The Top 5 Cars Police Should Be Driving narrowly edged out Dodge’s Journey Must Make Inroads, which has been a surprisingly steady member of the top five since its September publishing.