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GoodCarBadCar Elsewhere – June 2014

Dozens of auto sales-related articles have been published on GoodCarBadCar over the last month. There’ve been a handful of reviews, too. But much of what’s written reaches a broader audience through other outlets, namely,, and GoodCarBadCar’s Kinja page, which opened up earlier this month.

Here’s a recap of what you can read elsewhere on the interwebs. All links open in a new tab. And don’t forget, you’ll find lots of interesting tidbits you won’t necessarily hear about on GCBC by following @GoodCarBadCar on Twitter.

For Real: 75.5% Market Share For GM’s Big SUVs“Were there 22,225 personal buyers, Uber drivers, and FBI field offices who absolutely needed a full-size General Motors SUV in May 2014? Probably not. But 22,225 were sold anyway.”
Porsche – They Also Build Sports Cars“But it’s hardly cannibalization if you only eat one appendage. (Or is it? I’m not up to speed on cannibal etiquette or the modern cannibal’s vernacular.) Porsche utility vehicle volume shot up 45% compared with May 2013 thanks to an additional 1263 Macan sales.”
Yes, GM’s Market Share Is Down“In the United States alone, GM’s four brands sell more than 230,000 new vehicles every month, more than any other automobile manufacturer. But our memories aren’t short, and we clearly remember the days when GM’s American volume – while not 1960s-like – was significantly higher. In 2002, GM sold an average of 402,000 new vehicles per month.”

May 2014 U.S. Pickup Truck Recap“America’s full-size truck segment grew by more than 5%, or 9210 units, in May 2014. Year-to-date sales are up 6%, or 45,469 units.”
May 2014 U.S. Compact Car Recap“The Chevrolet Cruze is the only other compact close to the top-selling duo. Not since February has the Cruze outsold the Civic. The Corolla has been the best-selling compact car in America in every month since December.”
May 2014 U.S. Commercial Van Recap“The overall category enjoyed a massive month in May 2014 as sales increased by 8524 units, a 28% boost. Sales are up 14% to 142,116 units so far this year, equal to 2.1% of the industry’s total output, up from 1.9% a year ago.”
May 2014 Canada Auto Sales Recap “The bigger the car, the more serious the hit. Large Impala-class cars slid 24% in May to just 2803 units, equal to just 3.3% of the passenger car market. More seriously, midsize cars – led by the Ford Fusion – were off May 2013’s pace by 23%, a loss of 3518 units in just one month.”

Canada’s Fastest-Growing Auto Brands In 2014“Only one auto brand, Nissan, has added more volume to the Canadian auto industry’s total in 2014 than Jeep, sales of which are up by 7998 units in 2014.”
Ram Is The Reason Canada’s Truck Market Is Growing“Ram produced record high Canadian sales in April 2013, again in May 2013, then broke those records in April 2014. For the first time, the Ram P/U found more than 9000 buyers in May 2014.”
15 Automakers Whose Canadian Sales Are Down In 2014 – “There is more than one reason for the Chrysler brand’s decline in 2014. You can blame the extinguishing of the old Sebring-related 200 and the lead-up to the new Dart-related 200, as sales of the 200 nameplate are down 41%.”
The 20 Most Rapidly Improving Vehicles In Canada In 2014“As for the Corvette, Chevrolet has already sold more in the first five months of 2014 than in any of the six preceding full calendar years.”
Nissan Canada’s Micra Sales Volume Is Not Micro“Nissan reported the first 201 deliveries at the end of April and then posted another 877 sales in May 2014.”
Canada’s 20 Most Sharply Declining Vehicles In 2014“By no means has the latest Malibu proven to be a GM success story, and its launch has been made all the more difficult by the Canadian car-buying public’s turn away from midsize cars.”