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Nissan Motorsport International Limited, translated from a much longer Japanese term, results in the abbreviated term Nismo. The first Gallery you see below is of the 2009 Nismo Nissan 370Z. Ready for you to purchase in limited numbers beginning in June, the Nismo Z is very much a styling package. Another interesting feature that may interest you, however, is the extra 18 horsepower. Alongside such intriguing text are these words: 15% increase in roll stiffness and 19″ superlight-weight forged alloy wheels. But keep reading beyond the first Gallery for more 370Z info. (Check out the stock 370Z here.)

Nissan has also released 21 images of the 2010 370Z Roadster. The inherent shape of the regular coupe/hatch resulted in a very large behind with the 350Z Roadster. Nothing has changed on that front back. Possibly ranked as the worst vehicle angle of any good-looking car (except, perhaps, for the front end of the Lincoln MKS), the rear end of this convertible is enough to make you look elsewhere for your topless pleasure. For drivers of the regular 350Z, the Roadster wasn’t alluring. Its loss of stiffness and the necessary absence of a tight suspension resulted in a mushiness that didn’t match the car’s badge or looks. We’ll have to wait for test drives of the 370Z to know if the same holds true, but for now, it’s all about the rear taillights which appear to be in different zip codes.