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With a plea to BMW and all other automakers intending to delve into the answers to questions nobody asked, let’s begin this post with a bit of frustration and finish it off with a mellow moment. Don’t attempt to convince us that your car is revolutionary by naming it something no other automaker has ever named their vehicle. Progressive Activity Sedan, with a likely switch to Progressive Activity Saloon in the British Isles, is one of the stupidest car category titles ever. PAS ranks right up there with Sport Activity Vehicle (another BMW title) and Four Door Coupe from Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen…. and others. It’s a 5-door hatchback – simple as that.

Alright, moving on to more peaceful thoughts. This 5-Series GranTurismo concept isn’t nearly as bad as it could’ve been. Considering recent BMW atrocities like the X6, a member of The Bad 8 Supersize, and even the 5-Series which we’ve grown accustomed to, the 5-Series GT could’ve been terrible. It is offensive on many fronts, don’t doubt it. But as a whole, the outlandishness is consistent and thus, the 5-Series GT is good looking in the same vein as a Cadillac Escalade. Crazy…. but alright.
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BMW pictures this hatchback 5-Series as the perfect car for long journeys while still offering a magnificent driving experience. One wonders what happened to the 5-Series Touring wagon? Oh, right, BMW will still sell you one. However, since this is a “new invention”, BMW will likely consider charging you more for the hatchback – less is more – because some buyers are stunned enough to fall for BMW’s nomenclature game.
The rear seats can move back and forth like the old Chevrolet Malibu Maxx. Only BMW X models are taller. Only the 7-Series is longer. Electrical this and that and luxurious everything should be standard when a car that looks very much like this reaches production. Where’s the mellow moment? The 5-Series Gran Turismo concept represents everything that is right in the automotive market, in a symbolically odd way. Automakers, the ones with cash, are offering us more, more, and more. While I’m not interested in this car and suggest that buyers look carefully for what it offers that the 5-Series wagon can’t, the simple fact that BMW offers us more options puts the control in our hands. New models are springing up everywhere. That’s not a bad thing.