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The vehicles on an already-published insurance post have more than cheap insurance on their side. They’re also less expensive than the vehicles on this list to begin with. Generally, they’ll achieve better fuel economy. Maintenance costs will also be lower. In many cases, their warranties are better and they’ll carry more passengers. Yes, the Korean 5+Honda Odyssey are quite a grouping.

Then again, the five cars described below with their high insurance costs are quite a handsome flock as well. Rather appealing, if I do say so myself. These are the Top 5 Most Expensive Vehicles To Insure In America.

#5 – MERCEDES-BENZ G-CLASS, $2088: Its rarity alone makes the G-Wagen expensive to fix. Call Germany for parts. If that doesn’t work, try Austria. Even with its audacious personality, horrific on-road dynamics, and wild MSRP, the G-Class Benz seems worth $2088 in insurance.
#4 – FORD SHELBY GT500, $2186: The difference between the Shelby and the other cars in the top 10 (Audi A8, BMW M3, Hummer H2, Lexus ISF, & Porsche 911, included) revolves around the theory that normal people drive this car. One must also realize that most Shelby customers pay above sticker, suffer from a severely receding hairline, and need a trophy wife because they have no other trophies. So paying an abhorrent price for insurance doesn’t seem ridiculous to them.
#3 – BMW M6, $2236: In my neighbourhood, a white M6 trolls the streets all day. Its custom exhaust blares its unique signature…. all day. $2236? Who cares about $2236 when you spend $200 a day on fuel.
#2 – DODGE VIPER, $2446: America’s most outrageous mass production vehicle is expensive to fuel, maintain, insure, and buy. So is the the next car you’ll read about. Only the next car you’ll read about won’t burn your legs off when you try and exit the vehicle.
#1 – NISSAN GT-R, $2533: Choosing red as your paint colour won’t make any difference these days. I’m not sure it ever did. The ability to go very fast is likely part of‘s reasoning for dropping this GT-R bomb. And though the GT-R can also strip that speed away very quickly, the cost of repairing high-end bits is prohibitive.