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Nascar is about the last place you’d expect to find talk of climate change, green energy, or positive attention paid to eco-habits. But Dale Earnhardt Jr. snapped his 76-race winless streak at the Michigan International Speedway’s LifeLock 400 by thinking outside of the box – and even a little bit off the track.

While struggling to even configure methods to take a run at the full slate of laps, Junior made use of the inner-most circle while a caution flag was out. What’s more; he even shut off the Chevrolet’s engine and coasted, followed by another shutdown and restart. 
Smart thinking saves the day. Junior coasted across the finish line without enough gas to even make it to victory lane. With teammates lending a shove, Dale Earnhardt Jr. took the trophy on Father’s Day, seven years and four months since his father’s death. Check out the final action in the YouTube clip below.