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Thursday is Numbers day at Already, you’ve read about luxury sales statistics in the U.S.A. and total Canadian car sales in 2008. Below you’ll find a more detailed look at some of the more interesting Numbers from Canada’s year in vehicle sales.

9,906 – total Kia Rondo sales in Canada over the twelve months of 2008, making the Rondo the second best-selling Kia next to the Rio
21,845 – total Nissan Versa sales in Canada in 2008, 99.5% more than sales of the Nissan Sentra
9,259 – total sales of the Volkswagen City Golf, 1,599 more than that of the current Golf (known as the Rabbit in North America) while outselling every Volkswagen except the Jetta which posted sales of 9,274
65.6 – percentage of Mercedes-Benz vehicles sold with 4Matic all-wheel drive with a lineup-high ratio of 93.1% in the S-Class
111 – total Audi Q7 sales in 2008, making the jumbo luxo SUV the second-best selling Audi behind the A4/S4/RS4 family
72,463 – total Honda Civic sales in 2008, meaning the Civic was only 3,510 sales away from forming half of all Honda Canada sales
23 – percentage gain in sales of the Jeep Wrangler compared with 2007, helped in no doubt by pricing that required fewer dollars than in America
17 – total letters in the name of Subaru Canada’s president and CEO, Katsuhiro Yokayama, who announced that Impreza sales set an all-time record at 8,555 units
159.9 – percentage rise in sales of the Toyota Highlander Hybrid in 2008, up to 1,523 – outselling Jaguar and nearly pipping Saab
1966 – year in which Ford took the pickup sales crown in Canada, meaning 2008 was the 43rd consecutive year in which the F-150 was sold more than any other truck in the country
75.8 – percentage increase in sales of the Chevrolet Malibu in 2008, its first full year as a more-than-decent nameplate in ages