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The 11th month of 2008 is upon us. Some of the best news you’ll receive this month will soon be sitting outside your local BMW dealership. “Successfully meeting the strict exhaust emissions requirements of the North American automobile market, BMW Advanced Diesel – slated to hit US roadways in November 2008 – will be available in all 50 states,” BMW’s press release says. Wunderbar. BMW Canada will be importing the new diesels as well.

In both 3-Series and X5 form, the 3.0L twin-turbocharged diesel generates 265 horsepower and 425 lb-ft of torque. That torque, available way down low at 1,750 rpm, will tell a story. The story will be very different from that of the 335i’s twin-turbocharged gasoline 3.0L, but will manage to be similarly exciting. (That hi-po 3-Series engine has 35 more horsepower but 125 fewer lb-ft of torque.)
Twin-turbocharged isn’t the most accurate definition. A small turbocharger helps out at low rpm; a larger turbocharger kicks in to really add thrust as revs rise. Expect the 335d BluePerformance to hit 62mph in slightly less than 6.2 seconds (BMW’s claim) while the X5 xDrive35d should be about a second slower. Fuel economy sits in the range of 23/33mpg for the 3-Series and 19/25 for the X5.
And just how can BMW offer a dirty old diesel in 50 states? Well, let us escape the premise of your question which is all too faulty. BMW’s release explains: “To ensure full compliance with the demanding emission standards in California and other US states, BMW uses SCR technology to reduce nitric oxides (NOX), enabling nationwide introduction of BMW Advanced Diesel with BluePerformance as a 50-state model (BIN5)…..Featuring precision-quality precise piezo-injectors to deliver the precise dosage of fuel into the combustion chambers with the smallest volume of pre-injection, the third generation system ensures a particularly clean injection process with optimized fuel consumption, emissions figures and running smoothness.”
 A full BMW 335d BluePerformance gallery is below.