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Here’s a sampling of what’s making news in the automotive universe…. tells lots about General Motors’ upcoming hiring spree. 400 technical jobs – spread out across IT, fuel cell tech, OnStar, and product and powertrain development – will be filled as a result of a massive career fair in Detroit in May. The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) meets soon, as well, and it’s fine timing for GM to make a big announcement. The General has been going crazy over the last few years, hiring up thousands of people in these categories. Let’s hope it shows in their product for years to come….

Lee Iacocca had produced some memorable moments in his life long before 2007, with the invention of whole segments and thought provoking statements, too. He has new taken a rip at the route the American auto industry has traveled. He has campaigned for Bush in the past, but his feelings have turned negative toward the Prez. He hates the DaimlerChrysler mess-up, he was never impressed with the two (Eaton and Schrempp) who made it happen. And he’s sick of the continued obsession with heavy, new vehicles, even as the domestics talk as if things are getting smaller. Amongst other things…..

American Toyota’s boss, Jim Press, will be the first non-Japanese to sit on Toyota’s board. The board will grow, as a whole, to make room for Press and four others, but isn’t it an interesting sign in light of Toyota’s ‘concern’ of their post-America-takeover image? Click HERE to read more…….

Regardless of how serious a recall is, the number is where all the headlines lead. 500,000. That’s too high a number for Mulally, Fields, and the rest of Ford’s head honchos to feel comfortable. The vehicle involved is the Escape (Mazda Tribute too) but not the Hybrid models. Model years 2001-2004, corrosion of the antilock brake connectors…..

Speaking of Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford; previously the chief turnaround man for Boeing; maker of much money… Well, he made a joke about Prez Bush and his (that’d be Mullaly) efforts to make sure that Bush didn’t turn the hydrogen Edge on display at the White House into the Hindenburg. Apparently, the blogosphere (what do bloggers know after all?) went up in arms. Apparently, the White House didn’t care. So why am I, by making mention of it, drawing more attention to what I’m deflecting attention from? Mulally apologized, saying he didn’t do a good job of being Jimmy Kimmel….

Mitsubishi’s new Outlander is garnering some attention, for the right reasons. Perhaps it won’t climb to the top of the class, a class which includes RAv4, CR-V, and Santa Fe, but it is better in every way than its predecessor. And for me, that’s a good sign. The Outlander looks good, has more power, more space, and makes far more of an impression. Plus, I hear the Lancer Evo will be coming to Canada. Finally. So Mitsu deserves some attention.