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Yesterday, The Good Car Guy showcased three nice vehicles with shockingly large vehicles. Volkswagen’s Passat Wagon, Toyota’s full-size SUV, and Mercedes-Benz’ entry-level car in Canada are all potential budget busters, even if the original MSRP failed to frighten. 

Today, frighten is a key word. Nissan’s GT-R is a wickedly fast supercoupe with Porsche Turbo-baiting laptimes and a Corvette-worrying pricetag. With all-wheel drive, a mean&nasty exterior, and immense levels of technology; the traditional high-end coupe sellers had reason to worry. Then the Nissan took to the track and began roasting opponents; turning the favourites into underdogs. MotorTrend decided to find out exactly why the GT-R could pull crazy stunts beyond its supposed ability. Why does the GT-R punch above its weight?
Though the Nissan will continue to forever punch above its $$$ figure weightclass, its power figures now show an embarrassment of riches. We had been told the GT-R utilized a twin-turbo V6 to generate 480 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque. By independently testing the GT-R on a dyno, MotorTrend (with K&N Engineering’s help) discovered that the Nissan brute is making at least 506 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque.