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August 2012 Auto Sales Recaps Are Complete

As a result of October 1’s Monday landing in 2012, the September 2012 auto sales recap for the United States and Canada begins tomorrow, October 2. will be publishing brand-by-brand rankings for both countries tomorrow, plus U.S. best seller lists (passenger cars, SUVs/CUVs, and trucks) later in the day. 

As always, there’ll be plenty more to come on Wednesday, Thursday, and throughout the month as we display segment breakdowns, produce Canadian best seller lists, analyze the U.S. volume of various Mini Cooper variants, and publish a couple UK stories, as well.

All this has already been done for August. 18 different U.S. sales stats posts were published in for August 2012, including the year-to-date rankings of every single model on sale. GCBC published 17 different Canadian sales stats posts last month, including the YTD rankings of all 259 nameplates. 43 brands were ranked by August volume in the United Kingdom and the UK’s 10 best-selling cars were ranked, as well.

Not only will tomorrow’s results manifest what occurred in September 2012, they’ll also tell us what materialized over the course of 2012’s first three quarters. Stay tuned.