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AUDI TT – Across The Pond

Contrary to popular belief, not all TTs are created equal. While we North Americans enjoy the beauty of the Good 12-winning Audi style icon with 200+ horsepower and perhaps 30mpg at the best of times, Europe will soon be offered power and efficiency. 

In the UK for instance, one very strong market for the tidy German sports car, drivers will soon spot the TT at the BP and Tesco’s diesel pumps. Expect emissions below 145g/km and the equivalent of 45 US mpg. The 2.0L four-cylinder will make ‘just’ 175 horsepower but the real business is found in the torque figures – 258 lb-ft? Sounds good.
Though the TT isn’t even close to being Audi’s flagship vehicle, it has surprised some buyers in the past that Audi didn’t equip all iterations of their prominent coupe and roadster with Quattro all-wheel drive. This TDI car will, however, feature Quattro. Typically, 85% of the power is sent to the front wheels.  
Back to the power: 175 horsepower is some 25 horsepower below the basic gasoline-fired TT you know; 75bhp down on the 3.2L V6. Viewed another way, the 2.0L TDI is 25bhp juicier than the former generation’s 150 base. The UK market will see TT diesels will be priced between the 2.0L petrol turbo and the 3.2L V6. Indeed, the diesel engine will be available in both coupe and roadster form.