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2022 U.S Warm Hatchback Sales Figures (With Rankings)

Sales Figures & Rankings for Hatchbacks Sold in the United States

2022 Best Selling Warm Hatchback In the United States (All Models Ranked)

Warm hatchback sales in the U.S. were down 12% in 2022, with just over 21,932 units sold. This is the lowest level of warm hatchback sales in the U.S. since 2009. Warm hatchbacks offer a variety of features and benefits that make them popular with consumers. They are also available in a range of price points, so there is a warm hatchback to fit every budget.

You can thank the proliferation of amazing small and medium sized crossovers for the decline in warm hatchback sales. As these cars have taken share, automakers have made less hot hatches and those that were made weren’t fun. The best-selling warm hatchback in the U.S. in 2022 was the Mini Cooper JCW, followed by the Hyundai Veloster N.

The 2022 Mini Cooper JCW and Hyundai Veloster N are two of the most popular warm hatchbacks on the market. They offer a variety of features and benefits that make them appealing to consumers who are looking for a fun-to-drive and practical vehicle. The Mini Cooper JCW is known for its go-kart-like handling, its stylish design, and its premium interior. It is also one of the most customizable cars on the market, with a wide range of options and accessories available. The Hyundai Veloster N is known for its powerful engine, its unique three-door design, and its long list of standard features. It is also one of the most affordable warm hatchbacks on the market.

Here Are The Most Popular Warm Hatchback in the U.S for 2022

This data table looks at full year Hot Hatchback sales volumes in the United States by model. We compare U.S market Hot Hatchback model sales for the full year versus the full year last year.

Model Month Month LY Change YTD YTD LY YTD Change
Mini Cooper 2,276 1,741 30.73 20,012 22,970 -12.88
Volkswagen Golf 111 270 -58.89 7,893 6,537 20.74
Hyundai Veloster 19 71 -73.24 1,920 1,942 -1.13
∑ = 2,406 ∑ = 2,082 ∑ = 29,825 ∑ = 31,449

2022 New Warm Hatchback Sales Data by Month in the U.S

This sales data table looks at monthly sales performance for the Hot HatchbackV segment in the United States on a month to month basis for the entire year. It includes all major Hot Hatchback models sold in the U.S market and you can see that the monthly Hot Hatchback sales trends clearly. Seeing the individual Hot Hatchback model sales performance in this way gives you a good sense of the momentum (good or bad).