US – Large Luxury SUV Sales Figures

The GCBC Analysis

It’s important to note that Ford, GM, and FCA’s vehicles are represented here due to the fact that these companies report sales quarterly. This would likely impact the results notably.

With that said, the segment was up about 1,500 units for the month of August. Looking at YTD numbers, it’s clear the segment is up. It has sold about 16,000 more vehicles so far this year.

Leading the pack was the Infiniti QX80 for both the month and the year so far. It was closely followed by the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class.

We’d expect the segment to continue to see the positive sales results for the rest of the year.

Below you will find sales figures for all Large Luxury SUVs sold in the United States broken down by month and by quarter.

We will report August 2019 Automotive Sales beginning on Wednesday, September 4th, 2019, beginning around 10 AM ET.

Data will trickle in throughout the day with the numbers being finalized by EOD. GCBC is also happy to announce that we will be adding quarterly sales reports and comparisons in addition to monthly sales comparisons beginning this quarter. We will also be adding monthly sales tables and charts to the mix as well.

Note: FCA US LLC will end its practice of reporting U.S. and Canada sales on a monthly basis following June results. FCA US and FCA Canada will report monthly sales for May and June. The first quarterly report will occur on October 1, 2019, covering the months of July, August, and September.

Previous Month Comparison

Model Month Month LY Change YTD YTD LY YTD Change
Mercedes-Benz G-Class 373 201 85.57 4,746 2,241 111.78
Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class 1,142 1,469 -22.26 12,289 12,852 -4.38
Toyota Land Cruiser 283 273 3.66 2,160 1,998 8.11
Lexus LX 444 404 9.90 3,086 3,356 -8.05
Infiniti QX80 1,195 1,218 -1.89 13,169 11,291 16.63
Land Rover Range Rover 1,435 1,534 -6.45 11,964 12,060 -0.80
BMW X7 1,741 0 0.00 12,020 0 0.00

∑ = 6,613

∑ = 5,099

∑ = 59,434

∑ = 43,798

Previous Quarter Comparison

Monthly Sales Table