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There’s something iconically beautiful about the Volkswagen BlueSport roadster concept that made its debut in Detroit in the middle of winter. Not unexpectedly but somewhat uniquely, Volkswagen fitted the BlueSport Concept with a 2.0L diesel powertrain capable of more than 40 miles per gallon. 180 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque are figures not to be sneezed at.

One would anticipate terrific balance as is usually the case with mid-engined droptops. Regardless, critics and casual auto watchers alike can’t help but wonder at obvious (and welcome) Porsche influence with the design of the BlueSport. Mid-engined roadsters tend toward similar proportions, for starters. But the shape of the body as it’s sucked in between the wheelwells is awfully reminiscent of the Boxster. Only let this be said: with Porsche now at the top of Volkswagen, it appears as though in aesthetic terms, the BlueSport has the Boxster beat for instantaneous appeal. That’s saying something coming from, as The Good Car Guy has twice lifted up the Porsche Boxster as a member of The Good 12. Check out the full Gallery of VW BlueSport pics here, but first check out the stunning roadster in motion below.