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VOLKSWAGEN R50 – Slightly bigger than R32

Volkswagen has provided us with two very upmarket Golf/Rabbits in the last few years. Based on the Golf MKIV and then the Golf MKV, the R32 was and is a performance and luxury oriented Gabbit. For around $33,000 USD, Volkswagen will sell you an all-wheel drive, 250 horsepower, DSG-equipped, look-down-your-nose-at-GTI’s small hatchback.

Figuring that the ‘R’ could be perfectly well suited to a much larger vehicle, VW showcased a Touareg performance diesel in Australia. Just your typical, everyday V10 diesel – 350 horsepower and nuclear levels to twist. 627 lb-ft of torque does not relate well to fuel efficiency, the normal diesel catchphrase. However, it does a swift Touareg make.

Additional bodywork makes for a very hot Touareg. Do recall that the original VW sport-ute arrangement was with Porsche. Volkswagen got the handsome, Porsche got the performance. Audi came along and added space and versatility. It doth not yet appear what the R50 will fully and completely be, but the potential for improved on-road dynamics must be considered. Consider, that is, the Cayenne’s otherworldly handling.