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2010 U.K Auto Sales Figures – Best Selling Models (All Segments)

A tough December wasn’t enough to knock the Ford Fiesta off its year end throne as the United Kingdom’s best-selling car. Beaten by two Vauxhalls last month, the Fiesta was never in serious danger of not being the UK’s most popular car, even if Americans haven’t yet given the Fiesta a chance to popularize on the other side of the Atlantic.

There are two Fords among the UK’s ten best-sellers in 2010. There are also two Volkswagens, two Vauxhalls, two BMWs (really, there are), one Peugeot, and one Nissan. You won’t be surprised to learn that the two Volkswagens compete respectively with the two Fords and the two Vauxhalls. So that’s six smallish cars which combined to sell 442,494 units in the UK, or 22% of the whole UK new vehicle market.

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