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Back in June AutoEnergy went ahead and discussed the fuel economy of the Pontiac G3; contrasting it with the more efficient Toyota Yaris. At that point, the Pontiac G3 was just a Wave north of the border. Now General Motors has decided that the United States wants a “sporty” and fuel efficient hatchback?

Sporty? Is the Chevrolet Aveo sporty? This, my friends, is the same car.

Sales in this segment were up 33% during the first half of 2008. Naturally, Pontiac dealers wanted in on the fun. Their most recent new car makes headlines for its Aussie-good looks and heft V8 engine, not exactly representing the kind of fuel efficiency young buyers are looking for these days.

Pontiac will supply the G3 and some people will be interested. For interest’s sake, do remember the Pontiac G5, a Chevrolet Cobalt sibling that actually outperforms the G3 at the pump. Here’s the photo gallery.