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Poll results: Ioniq trumps Prius

Last month, when Hyundai showed off its Ioniq, we asked you whether you thought the new car had the measure of the segment-leader, the Toyota Prius.


Looking at the results, it’s clear that Hyundai got the recipe just right, as it got almost three times as many votes as the Prius. In fact, the poll suggests that the Prius is now only the third-best choice, following the Ioniq and hybrid models from other carmakers. This is interesting, as usually few people pick the “Other” option in snap polls such as this one, and bad news for the Prius, whose latest generation sports looks that only a mother could love.

It will be fascinating to see how well the Ioniq does once it hits the market – will it fail to properly take off like the Honda Insight or Chevy Volt, capture a small niche for itself like the Nissan Leaf, or soar like the Toyota Prius? We probably won’t really know for another year or two – first, the car is still some way off before hitting the US/European markets, and second, such new, unique vehicles usually take a long time for production to ramp up and consumers to catch on. Still, early omens for the Ioniq are good.