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Various license plates on a wall

10 Personalized Plates That 100% Match Their Cars

Vanity plates or personalized license plates can be a great way to express yourself without having to customize your car.

You can put a request in with your local DMV or DVLA for your own custom vanity plate. There are also services offered that can help you find the plate you’re looking for such as UK-based company CarReg which offer custom vanity plates.

The costs associated with vanity plates can vary depending on how many characters you want on the plate. There is also a maximum limit of characters that can be put on a custom license plate.

Today we get to see some awesome vanity plates that match their cars. These car owners had to get creative when ordering their plates.

“Rubix Cube”

It’s really fun when automakers make it easy to play on words with the cars they produce.

This Nissan Cube had it coming with a name like that combined with an owner who’s a fan of box-shaped puzzles.

Photo Credit: Funny License Plates

“May the Force be With You”

Don’t have a car that you can match to your plate? No problem. This guy matched his license plate to his Star Wars plate frame.

Cleverness always gets points when matching your license plate to a hobby or favorite movie series.

Photo Credit: Star Wars

“Itsy Bitsy Spyder”

What do you do when you own a Toyota MR2 Spyder? You get it a matching vanity plate.

Vanity plates can help express a car’s personality by playing off of the model name or the cuteness of a car: like this one for example.

Photo Credit: Herald Net

“Why I’m Broke”

Have you ever wanted a car beyond reason? This Mustang owner is an example of someone who buys something they don’t need or can’t afford.

But it’s a summer toy! Agreed, worth it.

Many auto enthusiasts know the feeling exactly. Do we regret making poor financial decisions based on our passion for cars? Absolutely not.

Photo Credit: Mustang and Fords

“Kiss My RS”

Sometimes it’s fun to be cheeky with your vanity plate. Take this Audi RS3 for instance.

Some plates come off as being crude but when they match the car perfectly, it’s hard to resist a good laugh.


Photo Credit: Audizine


This Mazda owner really wanted to show off his right-hand-drive RX7 by sporting his customized license plate.

This plate is short and sweet but tells the story of the origin of the car.


Photo Credit: RX7 Club

“One Bad Cat”

When you pick up an exciting car like a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, it’s fitting to get a matching plate to let everyone know how cool it is.

Finding the right vanity plate can be a “Challenger” (ED note: I love me a good pun) but when you have a car with a name like “Hellcat”, it’s easy to pick a cool matching plate.


Photo Credit: Twitter – Mopar Unlimited

“Luv For Elon”

Car owners can be some of the most enthusiastic when it comes to their brand loyalty. Check out this Tesla Model 3 owner confessing their love for Tesla owner Elon Musk.


Photo Credit: Reddit

“Outa Time”

In the rare case you own a car from a cult-classic film, it’s only appropriate to have a matching license plate since they are almost the only way to “customize” them without hurting their value.

This example is a show car with a custom plate purchased online. Though it won’t be driving on the road, it’s still cool to show it off for everyone to enjoy.


Photo Credit: Amazon CA

“Ate a Lambo”

One of the best parts about owning a car is taunting the competition. This supercar owner is definitely a Ferrari enthusiast all the way.

Ferrari and Lamborghini have been rivals since the 1960s and that rivalry is still going strong to this day.


Photo Credit: Suzy at

We hope these custom plates were able to give you some fun ideas for one of your own vanity plates.

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