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Poll results: Fiat Tipo expected to do pretty well in Europe

Earlier this month we asked our readers if they thought Fiat was on the right track with the all-new Tipo “entry-compact” sedan, by launching a low-priced and low-tech sedan (a hatchback and station wagon will follow) after every previous attempt to sell a Volkswagen Golf rival has miserably failed.

68% of respondents have faith in this strategy, with just over half of them predicting annual sales between 75.000-100.000 annual units, similar to the Skoda Rapid and Citroën C4 Cactus, while a third of respondents think the Tipo could beat the Bravo, which peaked at 93.397 sales in 2008. Another third predicts another failure for Fiat as it won’t even hit 75.000 sales in Europe. Mind you, this excludes Turkey, where the Tipo (under the name Ægea) is produced and where it should follow the Linea as the best selling vehicle overall.

We also asked you guys what could be the next step for Dacia to expand its line-up, as some readers had hinted that a Skoda Octavia rival would suit the French-Romanian brand perfectly. Most of you disagree with that view, as only a third of respondents think that’s the best way forward for Dacia. Even fewer (21%) think that Dacia should join the Fiat Tipo and Skoda Rapid in a entry-compact sedan.

That means almost half of voters think Dacia is best served in another segment, and I think (but that’s an assumption) most of them are eyeing a Dacia version of the Indian-built Renault Kwid small crossover. Coincidentally, a camouflaged Kwid has been spotted testing in Europe earlier this month. However, the Kwid was developed for emerging markets and hasn’t been subjected to European crash-tests yet. Moreover, it is not available with ABS in India and only the top-spec is equipped with an airbag, safety items that are compulsory in Europe. As a result, and as commenter Goran already expects, it may be too expensive to re-engineer the Kwid to become profitable.