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In the case of many an automobile, The Good Car Guy’s suggestion would be to search long and hard for a base model. Surely there’s a dealership within 100 miles carrying an optionless jalopy. Surely.

In the case of the Good 12-winning Kia Soul, I’d really prefer it if you opted out of the Base model (capital B because Kia gives it no other name) and set your sights higher. In fact, even if you wanted to option up the not-as-stylish Kia Soul Base…. you can’t. Oh wait, there’s one option: carpeted floor mats for an outrageous price of $95.00. They better throw those in for free, man.
Want to take it another notch further down the ruinous scale? Paint it Dreaded Silver. Kia calls it Bright Silver but is officially ill from silver car intake. Who cares if your car appears to be cleaner longer? You look like everybody else.
Finally, the Kia Soul presents itself as a Base model with a laughable set of wheels. Kia says the tires are 195/65R on 15-inch wheels. In practice, they look like a quartet of donuts of a 60s Mini. Stylish then; not now.