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For part 1 of this special evo edition of Across The Pond, follow this link. British car mag evo, whose thrust is ‘The Thrill of Driving’, recently wrote the following regarding the following:

Mitsubishi Evo X: “After a low-speed recce alongside one of Mitsubishi’s testers, it’s our turn to drive the 1.9-mile circuit. I opt for the full-on High-Performance car with TC SST, and on the tester’s advice select the Super Sport shift mode. It’s immediately impressive, each pull of the right-hand [addle (made from magnesium, incidentally) delivering a smooth and almost instantaneous upshift, with just enough of a push in the back to let you know the gear’s been engaged.” – Richard Meaden

Porsche 911 GT2: “As you’d hope, the GT2 also has the GT3’s satisfying feeling of quality, not just in terms of tight build and underlying structural integrity but in the precision and feel of its controls…… Brake pedal feel is superb too, and with no hint of lost motion at the top of the pedal yet a progression that allows you to measure light and heavy stops effortlessly. The ride is notable calm too….. The kick in the back is sensational….. It’s a supercar in concentrated form and from this perspective £130,000 doesn’t seem expensive.” – John Barker

Ferrari 430 Scuderia: “It all pivots around 3500rpm, the engine speed at which the exhaust valves open (you’re going to notice this, everyone within a radius of three miles is going to notice it; think of F430 re-mixed through Motorhead’s PA system) and the transmission shift program switches from the easy-does-it to let-’em-have-it. When this happens, you instinctively grip the wheel a little tighter because, for a few moments at least, it seems impossible to pull back. You want to hear more of that astonishing engine note, and your brain scrabbles to sync with the sudden shift to an F1 metabolism. The intoxication is nerve-gas scary.” – David Vivian

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