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Volkswagen Passat CC – VW bosses clearly think highly of the Mercedes CLS, but unfortunately the inspiration wasn’t enough to induce perfect execution.

VW subsidiary Audi, with aspirations to become the luxury brand of the next decade, will finally introduce an “S” badge on the back of a TT. Audi has given us the S4, S6, S5, and even an S8, but the 265-bhp TT (itself a Good 12 member) will be the most stunning example of Audi’s sporting heroes.

Expect to see production of the Mercedes-Benz GLK before long. This X3/LR2/RDX competitor will likely be introduced in a manner more akin to the GLK Freeside (below) rather than the GLK Townside, but you just never know what niche-happy Benz will do.