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2011 Canada Auto Sales Figures – Best Selling Models (All Segments)

2011 Canada Best Selling Automobiles

The Ford F-Series’ status as the best-selling vehicle in Canada comes as no surprise to any reader who follows, with any level of seriousness, North American auto sales. The F-Series always ends each calendar year as the best-selling vehicle in both the United States and in Canada. F-Series sales slid 1.6% in a market which grew 1.9%. Cause for concern, or just an anomaly? If Chrysler Canada continues to gain market share, it will indeed be cause for concern, as it seems likely that fast-growing Ram sales will continue to eat away at the GM twins and the F-Series.

A rough year for the Honda Civic ended on a high note when the Civic ended November as Canada’s best-selling vehicle before reporting a 23% year-over-year jump in December. Honda Canada didn’t manage to sneak the Pilot onto this best seller list (as American Honda did) nor did America’s sixth-best-selling vehicle, the Honda Accord, make it on to Canada’s top 30 best-selling vehicles list. Honda sold 8769 Accords in Canada in 2011, down 40% from 2010. The Accord was out-sold by vehicles like the Ford E-Series van (which GoodCarBadCar doesn’t include for best seller purposes), Mazda 2, Honda Odyssey, Chevrolet Impala, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and BMW 3-Series. The good news for Honda revolves around the Civic and strong CR-V sales.


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