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2020 Overall South America Auto Industry Sales Figures

Country-level sales figures for total passenger cars in South America

South American Passenger Car Sales for 2020

In 2020, South American car sales faced significant challenges due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak and subsequent lockdown measures implemented by governments around the world had a profound impact on the automotive industry, including in South America.

Brazil’s car market, the largest in South America, experienced a sharp decline in sales in 2020. The pandemic and the subsequent economic downturn led to reduced consumer spending, restricted mobility, and decreased consumer confidence. As a result, car sales in Brazil significantly contracted, and the industry faced severe challenges. Argentina’s car market also faced significant difficulties in 2020. The country implemented strict lockdown measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, resulting in limited economic activity and reduced car sales. The automotive industry experienced a sharp decline, reflecting the overall economic downturn.

The Chilean car market experienced a decline in sales in 2020. Lockdown measures and economic uncertainties led to reduced consumer demand and restricted car sales. The importation of used cars, which had been significant in the market, was also affected by border closures and limited international trade. Colombia’s car sales market also faced challenges in 2020. The pandemic and associated restrictions on mobility and economic activity led to a decline in car sales. Economic uncertainties and reduced consumer confidence played a role in the contraction of the market. Other countries in South America, such as Peru, Venezuela, and Ecuador, also experienced significant challenges in their car sales markets in 2020. The pandemic and the subsequent economic downturn led to reduced consumer spending and restricted car sales in these countries as well.

The indicator estimates the number of new passenger car registrations and sales that took place within a country in a year. Passenger cars are road motor vehicles, other than a motor cycle, intended for the carriage of passengers and designed to seat no more than nine persons (including the driver).

List of South American Countries by Motor Vehicle Production for 2020

The average for 2020 based on 6 South American countries was 587,121 new passenger cars sold. The highest value was in Brazil: 1,615,942 passenger cars and the lowest value was in Ecuador: 61,746 passenger cars. Total South America region passenger car sales hit 2,262,032 units produced.

  • Total Car Sales for 2020: 2,262,032 – for all of South America
  • Top Ranked Country Sales: 1,615,942 – Brazil
  • Lowest Ranked Country Sales: 61,746 – Ecuador
  • Average Country Sales: 377,005.3
  • Number of Countries in Analysis: 6

It’s important to note that specific sales figures and rankings may vary slightly depending on the source, as data can differ between different market research firms and organizations. For this analysis, we have used OICA data.

Countries Sales Units Rank Growth
Brazil 1,615,942 1 -28.56
Argentina 223,438 2 -20.85
Chile 194,128 3 -25.53
Colombia 85,282 4 -61.34
Peru 81,496 5 -29.28
Ecuador 61,746 6 -36.72

2020 South America Region Passenger Car Sales Chart

This visual tree-chart shows the relative size of the South American car market and how each country fairs in terms of market share size.

Top South American Car Markets Ranked for 2020

Source: OICA