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2016 Overall North America Auto Industry Sales Figures

Country-level sales figures for total passenger cars in North America

North American Passenger Car Sales for 2016

In 2016, the North American car sales remained strong, although there were some signs of a slight slowdown compared to previous years. The total number of vehicles sold in North America in 2016 was approximately 17.55 million. This figure includes both cars and light trucks. Passenger cars sold came in at 8.8 million units, with the United States making up the majority yet again.

The North American economy continued its growth trajectory in 2016, albeit at a slightly slower pace compared to previous years. Factors such as job creation, low interest rates, and improved consumer confidence contributed to the overall positive economic environment. Light trucks, including pickups, SUVs, and crossovers, continued to be popular among consumers in 2016. Their versatility, utility, and increased fuel efficiency compared to previous generations contributed to their sustained sales growth. The shift towards larger vehicles, especially light trucks, persisted in 2016. This trend was driven by factors such as low fuel prices, improved fuel efficiency in light trucks, and consumers’ desire for more spacious and versatile vehicles. In saying that, the U.S market was down in terms of passenger cars, by almost 9%.

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