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2013 Overall Africa Region Auto Industry Sales Figures

Country-level sales figures for total passenger cars in Africa

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Africa Passenger Car Sales for 2013

In 2013, the African automotive market continued to show positive growth in several countries. Economic conditions, increasing urbanization, and a growing middle class contributed to the rise in car sales across the continent. South Africa remained the largest car market in Africa in 2013. The country’s automotive industry continued to grow, and car sales saw a steady increase, cresting over the 450k new units mark. Despite hitting this new high-water mark, sales growth slowed to single low digits.

On the other hand, Algeria took the second spot in Africa with 223k new car sales, beating out Egypt which sold slightly less. Morocco also saw declines as did Tunisia and Botswana. The rest of Africa faired better. Broadly, economic development, rising disposable incomes, and urbanization contributed to increased demand for vehicles. The demand for small, affordable vehicles remained strong, but there was also growing interest in larger and more luxurious cars.

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