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Yesterday’s first 310km saw our transportation device (those are my friendliest words for the vehicle) maintain a fuel efficient pace. At the rate we’re going and in the places we’re driving, we will drive 550 km on the first tank, a 50L tank, and that tank will cost us $54.70.

Just before we crossed the Confederation Bridge, we saw flashing lights up ahead and dreaded a police check. It was actually bridge personnel directing large trucks off the highway. High winds on a low-sided bridge meant that high-sided trucks were not permitted. A few hours later 70 crossed together.

We saw two vehicles with which we had formerly crossed the fixed link: Volvo S40 and an Infiniti FX35. Ticking the option boxes that their owners had clearly ticked caused our vehicle to be a little more than one-third the price of the Volvo and less than one-third the FX.

Our low car was not affected by the winds on the bridge, but sightseeing from the security of our glassed and steeled in vehicle showed the ferocity of the tempest as the car shook enough to get us up on outta there.