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Top 5: Geneva Sports/Supercars

#5: Koenigsegg Regera


Why is it here? Because it has more than 1,500hp from its hybrid drivetrain, because it can reach 400km/h almost 3 seconds faster than the Porsche 918 reaches 300km/h, and because it comes from a small swedish company whose name means “knife’s edge”

#4: Lamborghini Aventador SV


Why is it here? Because it’s a giant Lamborghini cranked to 11, with 750hp from its naturally-aspirated V12 engine, and because it looks every bit as wild as we’d come to expect from go-faster Lambos. Enjoy this before the Asterion or Urus arrive and spoil the party!

#3: Ferrari 488 GTB


Why is it here? Because it’s a perfectly-judged update of the already lovely 458 Italia, because it does not ruin a great shape the way the F430 did when it evolved from the F360, and because I believe that if anyone can do turbo right in a supercar it’s Ferrari (though their recent form in Formula 1 begs to differ…)

#2: Porsche 911 GT3 RS


Why is it here? Because it is can lap the Ring in 7:20, eight seconds quicker than the Carrera GT, because it has a monster of a naturally-aspirated at a time when the next generation 911 is going mostly turbo, and because it has those awesome-looking (and functional) vents over the front wheels

#1: Aston Martin Vulcan


Why is it here? Because it’s like nothing else we’ve seen from Aston Martin (in a good way, unlike the Lagonda SUV concepts), because it has the highest-output production naturally-aspirated engine ever (800hp), and because it promises fans that Aston Martin can not only survive, but also evolve and (hopefully) prosper.


Dishonorable mention #1: Audi R8


Why is it here? Because its style is not only repetitive but actually more generic than the original, because its interior is shaded by its baby brother’s, and because its unclear whether the lovely V8 from the previous generation will return

Dishonorable mention #2: Honda/Acura NSX


Why is it here? Because it looks so damn generic, because it will cost much more than the Audi R8 which (still) has it licked for image and desirability, and because its interior looks unbecoming of a car half its price.