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Mini USA 2012 Q1 Sales Chart

2012 Mini Cooper Hardtop Red With white roof

Although U.S. sales at BMW’s Mini brand slid 3.6% in March, the first quarter of 2012 has been kinder to Mini than the first quarter of 2011. Of course, Mini’s had a little help from new models this year. The Coupe and Roadster have delivered 990 extra sales to Mini this year that weren’t available a year ago.

2012 Mini Cooper S Countryman White Black roofMini sales, of course, have risen by more than 990 units. Sales of the regular, original Mini two-door hatch are up 5.4% so far this year. The Mini Convertible and Clubman have struggled, falling 3.5% and 19.3%, respectively, in the first three months of 2012. 

Nevertheless, even in March, the Convertible was more than three times more likely than the Roadster to find a buyer in March 2012. The Roadster is the car with the lower price of entry, but it’s also the car with fewer seats.

The chart below shows how much emphasis BMW continues to place on the Mini they first brought to market more than a decade ago. 48% of Mini’s U.S. sales in the first quarter came from the so-called Hardtop. Of the remaining sales, 56% have occurred on the Countryman’s side of the showroom. The next-best-selling model is the Clubman, which at first glance indicates that even Mini buyers require their cars to be spacious. Relatively speaking. 

As a whole, Mini was responsible for 19% of BMW of North America LLC’s U.S. sales volume during the first three months of 2012. BMW 3-Series sales totalled 24,698 in that time frame, the 5-Series reached 12,709 units, and the X5 was responsible for 8675 sales.

2012 Q1 Mini USA model sales breakdown
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