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Mexico Auto Sales By Brand – 2010 Year End

The Good Car Guy doesn’t pretend to be an expert on the automotive marketplace in Mexico, despite 0.008% of his life having been spent there. Moreover, will surely be held responsible for any errors by Mexican family members in their Chevy Suburbans. No joke.

Rather than go into detail explaining how Nissan manages to be number one in Mexico when two other North American outposts of Japan’s second-largest automaker can’t be among the top five, let’s stick with some facts. The overall Mexican new vehicle market was worth 820,419 sales in 2010; that’s up 8.7% from 2009. 54.4% of the products were imports, according to the Automotive News Data Center. Go back to 2002 and Mexico’s new vehicle market was 1,768,908 units strong. In 2006, that figure grew to 2,041,213 and then gradually began shrinking. From 1,099,878 in 2007, Mexicans then acquired only 1,025,449 in 2008. Those numbers dropped again in 2009 before recovering very slightly in 2010. 

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