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Look-a-like: new Kia Sportage and…

Kia finally released official pictures of the long-awaited and frequently-spy-photographed Kia Sportage. And a handsome beast it is too, with the same muscular stance and profile view as the old model, and an arguably even better-resolved rear. The front, however, leaves a lot to be desired, though it’s easy to imagine what Kia’s designers were going for:

Imagine the following conversation:

  • Kia marketing: “How do we improve on the Sportage?”
  • Kia designer:    “Actually, we think it already looks pretty great, arguably the best in class, so why don’t we just update the design theme?”
  • Kia marketing: “No, but we need to keep moving forward, upmarket…”
  • Kia designer:    “How about we give the car a clear resemblance to a much more expensive, successful SUV with the same sporty brief that we are trying to convey?”
  • Kia marketing: “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
  • Kia designer:    “Yes, let’s forcefully graft the face of the Cayenne onto the next Sportage, no matter how awkward the result and ignore all the effort we put into establishing a corporate face… brilliant!”

So, maybe I’m being cynical, but how else can you explain the contrived face of the new Sportage? Such a missed opportunity…