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Look-a-like: Jeep Compass and…

When the new Jeep Compass made its debut it was immediately clear it was a handsome little beast. It design managed to successfully shrink the best design cues from its larger brother, the Grand Cherokee, (aggressive and instantly-recognizable front, squared-off wheel-arches, elegant proportions), while at the same time incorporating a little extra “something” with its optional “floating roof” and the chrome strip that delineates it. But it was the bottom line of the side windows that caught my eye – I was sure I had seen it somewhere before!

After some time of I remembered what car had a similar line – the Aston Martin Lagonda SUV concept. Now, the similarity may not be obvious at first, but observe the way that the window-line has a small up-tick midway through the rear door, and then ends by running into the roofline at close to a right angle. Of course, the Lagonda SUV Concept was far from loved when it came out, but in this case I feel that being mentioned in the same sentence with it is no small complement to the Jeep.