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Look-A-Like: Jag XF and… (part 2)

“Look-A-Like” is a new column which is meant as a lighthearted account of all those “I feel like I’ve seen this before…” moments. The first post was about how the interior of the new Jag XF reminded me of the interior of a mass-market compact sedan. Not that I’m picking on the new Jaguar sedan (which I think actually looks good and will probably sell very well), but there was just something about its rear lights that reminded me of another car first and foremost, rather than of the F-type after which they were actually modeled.

The car in question is the Honda Accord / Acura TSX, whose rear lights have a similar sharp outward edge that reaches towards the rear arches, with a similarly angled inner edge. Sure, the Accord was actually a handsome car, and the XF is much more handsome still, but I can’t help but think that Jag designers should have worked that little bit harder to give the XF a more original rear end.