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Look-a-like: Infiniti Q30 and…

This may be one of those situations where you’ll say “Hey, the end product looks great, so what are you complaining about?”, but the Infiniti’s designers desire to pay homage to one of its competitors (aka copy its design) is just too obvious to ignore.


That the Q30 can look so much like the Mazda3 without Mazda actually suing Infiniti for copyright infringement is just crazy. Just look at that grille, those headlights, that elongated grille, that dipping character line that then picks up mid-way through the doors… in fact, these two would serve as a great basis for a “spot the difference” game: that funky/weird D-pillar treatment on the Infiniti, the way the mirrors are mounted on the doors, umm… that’s it, I think? Did I get them all?


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