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Look-a-like: Fiat Argo interior and…

There are many ways in which Fiats have stood out over time: innovation, good looks, spaciousness, charm and value-for-money. You’ll notice that one of the things not on this list is interior design, with Fiat interiors more often than not being just a sea of gray plastic (notable exceptions include the 500 range, especially the original small 500, and cars like the mid-1990s Coupe and Barchetta). Given the lack of form in this respect it makes sense that Fiat would look elsewhere in the industry for inspiration for the interior of the newly-revealed Argo, and what better place to look than at the carmaker that is seen by many as leading the industry in terms of interior design (if not always quality).

And so, the interior of the new Fiat Argo seems to borrow heavily from the Mercedes-Benz A-class. No, it is not the “copy-paste” approach taken by many Chinese carmakers, but rather the conscious “pick and choose” approach that has Fiat use the A-class’ most distinctive and successful design features: the semi-floating central infotainment screen floating above triple round air vents, as well as a three-spoked steering wheel with a two-pronged, deep lower spoke. That said, the rest of the Argo’s cabin is pretty much Fiat, some for the better (the body-color painted accent strip looks really good, as do the simple analogue instruments), some for the worse (the outer air vents don’t match in style with the circular items in the middle, and the black door latch looks incredibly cheap). Still, I think the Argo’s interior is a big step forward compared to the Palio it replaces, or the smaller Fiat Uno.Fiat PalioFiat PalioFiat Palio

Fiat Uno