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Lincoln debuts Frankenstein new Continental

Lincoln surprised the motoring world today by showing off the new Continental. The first surprise is that, after years of producing bland-to-ugly cars (the MKT has forever seared itself into my retinas…) the concept is genuinely good looking, even if those with good memories will probably remain cool, seeing as the gorgeous 2002 Continental Concept paved the way for some unremarkable production cars.

But the bigger surprise comes as you realize how Lincoln arrived at the new concept’s design, splicing design elements from other cars in a manner that Dr Frankenstein would be proud of.

It only takes one look at the side profile to spot a remarkable resemblance between this car and the latest Bentley Flying Spur, complete with a slightly FWD look due to the long front overhang, fake vents aft of the front wheels starting a character line, and that kick-up over the rear wheel-arches.


The rear, on the other hand, seems to be taken almost wholesale from the Audi Prologue.

The front, finally, really seems like a mash-up of the current Chrysler 300 with a more Jaguar-esque grille.

Sure, I understand that if you don’t have any interesting to say you might as well try to copy others who say more interesting things, but this is verging on a Chinese-style copy…